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When you're booking an EmCee to host your event, the first and most important thing you need to make sure is that he has lots of experince under his belt. An MC must be very comfortable on stage. The audience needs to feel like they're in good hands. He should be entertaning and pleasent to watch. Since things might not go as planned during the event, he has to think quickly and be focused at all times.  We recommend Dr. Roy Yozevitch - Israeli stage artist, lecturer and bestselling author.

Roy Yozevitch, an experienced host and performer, has developed an intimate understanding on effective ways of engaging large audiences and crowds. His unique and signature stage confidence and presence have endeared him to a wide audience, making him an extremely skill Master of Ceremonies for all types of corporate events. He has an in-depth understanding of the various elements of asuccessful presentation, balanced to achieve optimal entertainment and informational value. He is dedicated to providing you with uncontested attention to your needs and assisting you in developing a comprehensive plan for your event(s) to deliver a captivating experience to your audience(s).
He is attentive to detail and takes pride in his knowledge and expertise, which enable him to provide you with personalized insight into the contributions of event stakeholders, speakers and even the audience. He is able to incorporate these diverse elements into events, thereby delivering a cohesive and interactive event.
Roy will prepare your event with consideration of the different speakers , and guaranteeing an interactive and captivating presentation (s) that surpasses the expectations of your audience (s). He has hands-on skills, which enable him to address technical issues that chaerctsie presentations involving large audiences.


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