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In a sweeping and important lecture, Roy leads the audience on a journey into the future. No one knows what will happen in the future, but it is clear that it will be very different from the present. How can we adapt ourselves today to the market requirements? And what role will artificial intelligence take in this shift?

Artificial intelligence means different things to different people. From computers that can already replace us in the workplace to apocalyptic visions of the Matrix. In this fascinating lecture, Dr. Yozevitch makes an order in the field everyone talks about. What philosophical questions arise from thinking machines and how it really works. Most importantly, where lies the borderline between a smart calculator and a machine with thinking abilities? 

After reviewing the A.I threats, Roy presents the solutions for a safer future. He gives the audience motivation for excellence and improvement both in personal and professional aspects. The future is a little worrisome, but it has a lot of hope and countless possibilities. The opportunities for education and professional flexibility are extraordinary. Real equality of opportunity allows everyone to fulfill his or her ambitions without excuses. The lecture's message: Take advantage of the variety of tools offered today to advance and excel.

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