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Roy Yozevitch

Shabbat Entertainment

"Israeli mentalist Roi Yozevitch

is one of the best acts out there.

Your guests will love him."

If you are looking for quality entertainment for your family event - stop here. This guy is going to make your event perfect. He is one of the busiest mentalists out there, doing shows for the most sophisticated crowds. His special, charismatic, hilarious character is exactly what your special night needs. The show is clever, funny and amazing. Your guests will enjoy the magic as Roi becomes part of your family in a few minutes.

רעיונות לארגון שבת בר מצווה לתאומים
עצות לארגון שבת חתן בר מצווה עם רועי יוזביץ מנחה שבתות מקצועי
קסמים מקרוב באירוע
קסמים מקרוב בחתונה2
מנחה שבתות בר מצווה רועי יוזביץ תכנית מומלצת לשבת

Among Roi's services

Roi's act at a Bar-Mitzvah in Tel Aviv

"Thank you, Roi Yozevitch for making our party so great! Everyone enjoyed you very much and complimented us. Who could ask for more?"




Mind-Reading Shows

Mind-Reading Shows

About Roy



Roi's act at a Bar-Mitzvah in Jerusalem

"I'm Nathan Tursey and we've just witnessed the show with roy. He was unbelievable. You think David Blain is good? This guy is ten times better!"




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Thank you and have a magical day.

Roy Yozevitch

Conference & Event Entertainment

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