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Who is Dr. Yozevitch?

רועי יוזביץ' מרצה מומלץ חוקר מוח וחשיבה

Dr. Yozevitch is one of Israel’s experts on the education revolution. His first two books deal with excellence. The first one, “Think BIG” (2012) discusses the ways to achieve goals that seem impossible. The second, “Education Revolution”, gives the reader tools for independent learning in order to succeed in the 21st century. He is a researcher and lecturer at the university of Ariel, Israel. His Ph.D in electrical engineering deals with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Dr. Yozevitch’s work won several excellence awards, including the Wolf Foundation scholarship.Dr. Yozevitch’s lectures offers the spectators a thought-provoking presentation of the latest technological advances in the field of AI. He has spent the last decade lecturing and performing throughout Israel and the world, including China, Germany, England, the U.S and more.

Roy receives the Wolf Foundation Scholarship from Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dan Shechtman.

"Interesting and Original"


​Professor Robert Auman,

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Roy published two bestselling books and is now writting his third.

The blue one is about excellence and the black one is about the online education revolution and how to join it. The new book, "Think like a Machine" is about AI.

Roy also published several

(not bestselling) academic papers.

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